Friday, March 9, 2012

build subversion 1.7 for ubuntu 11.04

subversion 1.7 has many new fascinating features, like viewing diff in svn log command, and a cleaner directory layout (only one .svn folder in root directory, just like git does). But this version isn't available in ubuntu's official source. To upgrade to this new version, I choose to build it myself.

  1. Download neon, which adds http and https protocol support to svn
  2. cd to neon source root directory and run: ./configure --enable-shared --with-ssl
  3. Then run: make && sudo make install
  4. Download and extract svn source
  5. Download sqlite-amalgamation , extract it and copy to sqlite-amalgamation
  6. cd to svn source root directory
  7. run svn co apr-util
  8. run svn co apr
  9. cd to apr and run: ./buildconf
  10. cd to apr-util and run: ./buildconf
  11. go back to svn source root directory and run: ./configure --with-ssl
  12. edit files below
    apr/build/  change $(top_builddir) to $(apr_builddir)
    apr-util/build/  change $(top_builddir) to $(apr_builddir)
  13. make
  14. sudo make install