Thanks to for rooting the device. Guideline provided by

What is soft-rooting?
The softroot is a way to enable the ADB without disassembling nook to gain root shell access on both 3g-equipped (original) and WiFi-only nooks (thanks to muchadoaboutnoth from IRC for confirming that). If you don't know what that means, you probably DO NOT want to run this updater on your nook. As of today, the nook's adb runs over WiFi, you can enable ADB over USB however. Read more on benefits and disadvantages of rooting and why rooting matters.

While we've taken great pains to make sure that this script won't damage your expensive new eBook reader, it comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. To date, it has been tested on nooks running 1.0.0, 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 of the nook firmware on both the 3g-equipped (original) and WiFi-only nooks (thanks to muchadoaboutnoth from IRC for confirming that). If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces. In the unlikely event that you run this script and end up with a paperweight, please join us on #nookdevs (alternatively thru webchat) on and we'll see what we can do.

Once you run a third-party software updater on your nook, Barnes & Noble may consider your warranty null and void. It's sort of like strapping a rocket engine to your Civic -- If you hit the side of a mountain at 300mph, it's just not Honda's fault.

If you run this updater and your nook appears to have become a (very expensive) paperweight, DO NOT CALL BARNES & NOBLE. Join us on IRC and we'll do our best to help sort you out.

Barnes & Noble have built a really fantastic Android tablet for us. So far, it looks like it's going to be an amazing platform for third-party experimentation and development. To make sure that that stays true, there are some things you should keep in mind:
  • 3G is for B&N resources only, if you truly think you spent $259 $199 for unlimited 3G for life, you're delusional. You can, however, use your own SIM-card for browsing thru 3G on a softrooted nook.
  • A number of nook owners have asked us about the nook's DRM. Don't steal books.

If we haven't scared you off, it's time to get your new rocket engine set up.

A word about 1.4 update
The instructions below will help you downgrade to 1.0.0 (which will wipe your nook settings clean) and then upgrade to the 1.4 update with the pre-installed softRoot + nookLauncher + nookLibrary + nookWifiLocker + Trook + VNC + busybox (update file courtesy of perfinion and poutine; the apps are by kbs, hari and hazymind). This streamlined rooted update retains the turboboot/uboot as is, so you will not have to downgrade prior to upgrading to rooted images in the future.

If you have already updated to the stock 1.4 (either manually or via OTA update), you can still softroot your nook following the same steps below (you will however lose your settings when you downgrade to 1.0.0).

If you currently have a nook with 1.1.1 B&N software or 1.2/1.3 softRoot software, you can skip the section about downgrading to 1.0 again and go directly to the How do I do it? section to upgrade to the rooted 1.4. You should not lose any settings during the update.

IMPORTANT: You will need to REBOOT after you get to the nook "home screen" on the first initial boot!

Known issues with softRooted 1.4 update:
  • WiFi Lock might not work
IMPORTANT: You will need to REBOOT after you get to the nook "home screen" on the first initial boot!

  • You need a B&N nook.
  • You need a 128MB-or-higher microSD card with a single, FAT32-formatted partition.
  • You need to download the rooted 1.4 update (do not forget to rename file to bravo_update.dat):
  • Full softRoot (root/ADB + apps) download(SHA1 hash: 5a62a2a3ad4ffa5ea6fe2c93ebe241ead5376cd0)
  • You'll also need the 1.0.0 image download(you won't need this if you have softrooted/streamlined 1.2 or 1.3 on your nook).
  • MD5 hash: c752fa57f7253d4c499398630c27bdab
  • SHA-1 hash: 84287d73b70e98da6a6af9f362b31e96d4e6eea4
  • SHA-256 hash: a22bbbf1cc61a81fd812abc5b75f5c713cab3471be36219897 aeb91b26405b35
  • You won't need any tools or a clean work surface. Unlike our initial efforts, this tool is a simple software updater. There's no need to crack your nook open.
  • Should you want to use older version of the nook software, you can download one of the obsolete versions.
  • Attention Chrome users: if instead of the bravo_update.dat and signed_bravo_update.dat you end up with and accordingly, DO NOT UNZIP these files, you will just need to rename them to bravo_update.dat and signed_bravo_update.dat.