Wednesday, October 20, 2010

blogporter v1.0.0 released

The first version of blogporter is released. It's a utility for synchronizing posts between different blog service provider.
I wrote this tool because I need to maintain two blogs. It's annoying to have to copy and paste my posts to another blog. And the main reason I have two blogs is that blogger's service is not available in china mainland, due to a well-known reason. But I don't want to give up blogger's tight integration with my gmail account. So, I mainly write blogs here, and then use blog-porter to synchronize the other blog with this one.

Refer to for more information about this utility.

The immediate usage of this tool is to sync posts from LiveSpace blog to other blog sites, because LiveSpace blog is soon to be closed. To do this, you can:

  1. download LiveSpace blog data through http://{your_name}
  2. extract the downloaded zip file
  3. install python, and BeatuifulSoup module
  4. run "python --list-blogs" to find out supported blog provider
  5. run "python --src-type=4 -p{path_to_unzipped_folder} --dst-type={number_stand_for_dst_blog_type} --dst-account={dst_blog_account} --dst-password={dst_blog_password} --startdate=2000-01-01 --enddate=2010-12-31 -v"

This tool still has limitations, mainly includes:
  1. it doesn't sync comments
  2. it doesn't sync category information from LiveSpace
I've tried below ways to work with LiveSpace, but failed to find a perfect solution.

  1. metaweblog api, it's limited to retrieve 20 posts at most. 
  2. rss, it returns even less posts than metaweblog api. May be Google Reader API can helps us get more data through rss, since google cached a lot of historical rss data on their own server. 
  3. livespace backup file, it doesn't contain category information. 

I finally choose livespace backup file to implement LiveSpaceProvider, hope this doesn't bother too much.

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