Wednesday, March 24, 2010

change command prompt font

Having used consolas font for a period, I felt very comfortable with it. I've used it in putty, vim, visual studio. And I tried to use it in windows console (cmd.exe) by following scott's post, Using Consolas as the Windows Console Font. But consolas font didn't show in console's available font list. It seemed to have to do with my console code page setting, which is 936 chinese gbk. Consolas was shown after I changed the console's code page to 850 with chcp command. Thing was not perfect, I could not use chinese input method under this code page in console, and chinese characters are not displayed correctly.
As a matter of fact, there is another way to set consolas font for console through registry, which doesn't require us to change code page. Our preferences for default console are saved in HKCU\Console, including console's width, height and font. Subitems of this key save preperences for console with specified title. So we can modify the FaceName item to force a font get applied. As shown below.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Here is a snapshot of the font comparison:

BTW, consolas font is designed specifically for ClearType. It looks extremely poor if ClearType is not enabled. We can use ClearType Tuner PowerToy to fine tune ClearType under windows xp.

Necessary criteria for fonts to be available in a command window
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This is helpful to me. I have been looking to adjust my cmd font for a while. Thanks a lot.