Wednesday, January 13, 2010

google against GFW

I keep using because I was hoping it will not be banned by the GFW some day.
But, according to this, a new approach to china, it seems it's becoming less likely will be unbanned. And things may become worse in china, more and more google services may be affected.

To some extent, I'm glad to see google can hold its motto "Don't be evil" firmly and stand out to fight against such extreme information blocking. But, it's hard to show full support to this action considering its consequence for google & chinese people. Just wait and see how chinese gov will response.

Update on March 23, 2010:
Finally, it happens: A new approach to China: an update. Applaud for you, google!


Unknown said...

China Gov is the most obstinate and no underline,as a chinese, I fully understand those. This google thing would surely end by a result:All google services would be entirely blocked in China. That is a huge loss to chinese netizen.

Unknown said...

I really hope your prediction is totally wrong. :)