Saturday, January 9, 2010

remove visual sourcesafe binding

I need to change a visual stuio 2003 project's source control system from visual sourcesafe to subversion. In order to commit clean source files to svn, I first need to completely remove vss binding from the project.
There are a lot of articles about how to do this, I was following this one: Removing a Solution from Sourcesafe. But the problem is the project is comprised of two solutions, each with a bunch of projects. It's tedious to manually edit them manually. So, I managed to do this with following commands. These commands are available in cygwin on windows.

1. remove vss files
find ./ -name "*scc" | xargs rm
Explaination: this command uses find to get all files whose name end in "scc", then pipes the list to xargs. xargs will format the list in acceptable format and invoke rm to delete them.
There is a utility also named find on windows. In order to make sure the gnu find is invoked, I arranges the PATH environment variable so that the cygwin/bin folder precedes C:\windows\system32.

2. remove vss information in project files
find ./ -name "*.csproj" -exec sed -i '/Scc/ d'
Explaination: this command finds all files whose extension are ".csproj", and execute " sed -i '/Scc/ d' " on each file found. sed is a stream editor. This sed command searches for lines that have Scc and delete them. And the -i argument tells sed to edit file in place, so that the project gets updated.

3. restore file permission
find ./ -name "*.csproj" -exec chmod +rw {} ;
Explanation: after sed modifies a file, I lose all permission on that file. So I need to restore file permission with chmod. There is also a windows command line utility cacls can do this. And cacls can be a better choice here since microsoft internal tool may set file permission more properly than chmod.

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